SHU SPA Philosophy

Inspired by the Orient

We help you stay positive while we focus on boosting your well-being and revitalisation. We believe in oriental therapeutic power. We positively influence your emotions and concentrate on oriental manual treatments based on our own brand of cosmetic products. Rituals and massages that support the balance of your body and spirit are essential to us. We want all of our guests to feel totally relaxed and rested. We highlight the importance of good habits and the rules of proper nutrition, tested ways to relax and inspire a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining the internal balance of all of our guests is our main priority here at SHU SPA.


Balanced diet

Our special SHU SPA program was developed based on the rules of good nutrition. Combined with treatments and physical exercises, this program will teach you good eating habits, proper body care, and help maintain your mental and physical health. Our program helps achieve the desired result without the yo-yo effect. The knowledge you gain will help you continue the process at home.


Natural therapies

Rituals and massages that support the balance of your body and spirit are essential to us. Our powerful therapists help maintain your good physical condition and improve your quality of life.


Looking for balance

Yoga, pilates and relaxation are the types of classes to help you find the perfect balance. These activities guarantee health, beauty, and a young body and spirit. Emotional and physical stability improve well-being.


Teaching a healthy lifestyle

Your stay at SHU SPA is a wonderful opportunity to develop good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to individual, balanced diet plans, we point you in the right directions to help you achieve the desired results. We combine the rules of a healthy diet with physical activity and body care based on natural products and massage techniques.


Our Team

SHU Spa has a wonderful team of professionals who specialise in oriental massage, face, hand and foot care, physical therapy, active and relaxation classes. Oriental treatments and massages are performed by therapists from Bali, Philippines, India and Thailand.