Balanced Nutrition

SPA Diet

At SHA we have a treasure trove, the keys to achieve overall health, and our vocation is to share it with our guests. For this we have created SHA Academy, a daily programme of talks, exercises, walks and conferences, that you can enjoy in a group or privately, so that after your stay in SHA, you can retain the knowledge that will allow you to pursue a healthier life.

SHU Light Menu

Based on fruits and vegetables that contain bioactive ingredients with antioxidant properties. The diet also includes olive oil and oil plant seeds that help absorb biologically active ingredients.

SHU Menu

The SHU Light Menu enriched with products that successfully support and improve the natural microbial flora. It also contains ingredients that help produce healthy bacterial cultures.

Homeostasis Menu

Based on the SHU Menu. It is enriched with meals that contain the highest quality meat and fish rich in essential Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids. The Homeostatis Menu is a perfectly balanced diet in terms of macro- and microelements.

SHU Teas and Desserts

The SHU teas combine selected herbs and fruits. They have cleansing and antioxidant properties. Low-calorie desserts are made to special recipes in our confectionary - Le Gâteau by Hotel Warszawianka.

SHU SPA balanced nutrition

SHU SPA offers three types of healthy diet. All diets involve 5 meals at regular times per day. The meals are made from the highest quality ingredients. They are baked, boiled or steamed, so they maintain most of their nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are served fresh and raw.