KIDDO / Teenage SPA

A chocolate-based massage, a treatment for skin with teenage problems, or a manicure. SHU SPA from a young age

List of Treatments:


Treatments for children aged 6-12 years

• Chocolate body massage for children
A chocolate massage is an exceptionally pleasant way to relax. It is perfect for children’s gentle skin care. It is a combination of relaxing techniques, and natural dark chocolate and coconut is incredibly relaxing.
90 PLN/ 30 min.

• A classic back massage for guardians
A classic back massage reduces muscle tension in the back and neck. It prevents pain and relaxes the body. During the massage, the therapist uses relaxing and classic massage techniques. This treatment is recommended for people who suffer from back pain and need relaxation.
We offer in-room couple’s massages.
190 PLN / 30 min.

We also offer massage for children. The parents and guardians do not have to use the back massage; however, they must be present during the child’s massage.

Teenagers at the SPA

Equilibre - a teen facial
EQULIBRE is a treatment based on oils: sunflower seed, hazelnut, wheat sprouts, and palm oils. It contains thyme, cypress, marjoram, cinnamon, peppermint and white clay. The treatment balances seborrhoea. It moisturises, brightens and detoxifies the skin. It is recommended for young, problematic skin.
180 PLN/ 45 min.

Classic manicure
Hands and nails are very important elements of our look, so they should be well-groomed. Delicate, velvet skin and well-formed, healthy nails decorate our hands. A classic manicure includes filing and shaping of the nails, removal of the cuticles, and application of a conditioner and cream.
100 PLN/ 60 min.

Chocolate body massage
An exceptionally relaxing treatment. It helps improve the skin. Natural dark chocolate intensively regenerates the skin. The massage improves blood flow and prevents ageing. A combination of massage techniques and chocolate soothes your senses.
180 PLN/ 55 min.