Ayurveda concerns not only the medical sphere but also all levels of human activity. It is a holistic approach to humans and concerns all aspects of our life. According to the Ayurvedic definition of health, full health is based on the lack of visible symptoms of a disease but is also a state of complete wellness in all its essence.

List of Treatments:


Ayurvedic head massage with warm sesame oil. During the massage, the therapist stimulates the points that are responsible for the vitality and harmony of the body. This massage technique improves blood circulation in the skin on the head, conditioning the hair bulbs. It is deeply relaxing; it relieves the symptoms of stress and mental tension. It helps treat insomnia.
It is also recommended for people who suffer from migraines.

190 PLN/ 30 min.

Shirodhara - the "third eye" massage.

This is one of the most important Ayurvedic treatments. The ritual starts with a massage of the head and then a thin stream of the warm sesame oil flows down to the area between the eyebrows. The “third eye” massage stimulates the secretion of serotonin that evokes a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. At the end, the therapist massages the whole head one more time. Shirodhara gets you into a state of deep relaxation and relief. It relieves accumulated stress. It also affects the energy channels that run along the spine, soothing the mind.
We also recommend it for people who suffer from frequent headaches. It is a great introduction to all Ayurvedic massages.

270 PLN/ 45 min.


An Ayurvedic face massage that aims at regaining balance on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. During the massage, the therapist massages the points responsible for the harmonious flow of energy. A specific sequence of the massage successfully improves the condition of our body and mind. The treatment leaves your face looking fresh and radiant, and reduces the signs of tiredness and stress. The skin is smooth and glowing.
The massage covers the face, neck and neckline.

190 PLN/ 30 min.

Podi Kizhi

An Ayurvedic whole body massage with warm herbal stamps that contain rice, turmeric, pepper and lemon grass. The therapist soaks the stamps in sesame oil. The massage relieves the muscles and reduces joint pains. The warm stamps get your stressed body into a state of relaxation and the aromatherapy with the smell of the herbs deeply soothes the mind.

190 PLN/ 30 min.


An Ayurvedic body massage with sesame oil. During the massage, the therapist uses a technique that improves blood and lymph circulation, removing toxins from the body. It perfectly relieves muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system. Abhyanga increases the vital strength of the whole body and has a soothing effect.
The 90-minute massage also covers the head. We recommend the shirodhara massage before

270 PLN/ 55 min.
380 PLN/ 90 min.


An Ayurvedic intensive foot massage originating from Kerala. The therapist uses techniques of acupressure, pressure, muscle and joint relaxation. It reduces the feeling of tired and heavy feet.
The massage covers the feet and calves.

190 PLN/ 30 min.